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News: Blazera February Patch [Magic Items]
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Blazera February Patch [Magic Items]

Blazera February Patch Info

-Stamina now recovers (1 min every 2 min) in trainers up to 40:00.
-White Skull Timer has been lowered from 15 minutes to 12 minutes.
-Exp Stages from 150-200 have been slightly increased.
-We have also added a new exp range from 200-250.

-NPC's will no longer check EQ slots for selling items, however if you have an extra in your backpack and try to sell it, it will take from your EQ slots first. [Please be aware of this with your magical items until we find a further solution to only allow the NPC to ONLY buy items from backpack]
-All arrows/bolts/spears/runes have been made infinite.
-Lottery Timer changed from 1 hour to 3 hours, new items have been added like "Orb of Enchantment", "Blazera Token", "Hunting Tokens'.
-When looking at a player, it now shows VIP Status + K/D Ratio and Guild Status properly.
-Stamina settings adjusted, seems to be earning 7 minutes every 30 minutes.
-Grimville is now accessible through Thais Boat.
-You can use "!mf" to check your current magic find percent,
-Orb of Enchantment, Magic Find Box and Lucky Amulet have been added to the shop.
-Magical Item System has been completely revamped with new attributes added, you can now find items with any of the following: +maxhealth, +maxmana, +health/mana regen, +absorb elements, +attack speed, +hitchance, +armor/defence, +attack, +magiclevel, +meleeskills, +extracharges, +extraduration.

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